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We could follow the standard mold and be a traditional CPA firm but we understand it’s time to move past fighting red tape with more red tape. We have solutions that will clear the way for your dreams to become a reality.


When I formed my law firm, I knew I wanted to work with others who shared my dedication to client service and Lisa does! She separated from a larger, corporate style accounting firm to fulfill her own vision of what a full-service accounting firm can be.

Sarah Blake Attorney Blake & Associates

I met Lisa as a first time business owner, and not only did she provide sound advice whenever I needed it, she's been a business consultant, cheerleader, and therapist all in one!

Dr. Ian Scholer Doctor Hilltop Animal Hospital

"I hired an accountant and what I got was a partner.  Lisa and her team are always there to answer my questions and they are willing to take the time to explain what strategies are best for me and my company.  The first rule for success in business is to surround yourself with the right people.  Lisa is definitely the right person for my business."

"We have now been doing business with Lisa for the last three years and it is our hope that this relationship will last for the next thirty.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Lisa Mayo and her Company to any business whether it is small or large.  Lisa is competent, professional, and cheerful in every aspect of her business. We trust and value her very much!"

Cathy L. Sorter President Goin’ Postal

"I enthusiastically endorse Lisa Mayo as a tax professional.  Lisa has done a wonderful job as my advisor.  Not only has she done an excellent job preparing my tax returns, but helped me through the many changes that come with a difficult divorce.  Lisa took the time to get me on a conference call with the Internal Revenue Service to help resolve issues that could have been very costly.  She is always very prompt to answer any questions or concerns that I may have. I also know Lisa as a neighbor, friend, military wife, and mother.  She is a great person and the kind of person that you want as your neighbor and advisor.  I trust Lisa completely to handle any accounting issues with her professional expertise, and enjoy knowing her and her family on a personal basis."

Wayne Dillon

"When 9yr. old Rachel, proposed the “Fun For Everyone” a project to build an ADA accessible playground in Vine Grove KY.,  we quickly realized that in order to move forward with fund raising, we were going to have to become 501(c)3 certified.  Lisa quickly and selflessly stepped in, donating her time to make this happen for the project.  Lisa also donates her time every year to file the taxes for the Fun For Everyone Project.  Without Lisa Mayo’s generosity and compassion, the project would not be where it is today.   From the bottom of our hearts we thank Lisa for all the help she has given to our efforts of making a young girls dream a reality.."

The Ritchie Family
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